Stegh has updated their visitor policy. We are all working hard to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your patience.

Labour and Delivery

You are allowed 1 support person. They can be unvaccinated. Unvaccinated persons will be asked to wear a plastic gown in the room. Your support person,regardless of immunization status, is required to wear mask provided by the hospital then entire time they are at the hospital during labour. After the immediate postpartum, they can remove their mask when there is no staff in your room.

You cannot swap out your support person. They must be the same person. They cannot leave the unit. We will order an additional food tray for them. You can bring extra food with you to the hospital. It is strongly recommended to bring additional food and drinks as supper trays are often delivered in the late afternoon and then not again until breakfast. They cannot leave the floor to get a coffee. If they support person leaves then they will not be allowed back in for another 12 hours. Please do your very best to come prepared.


If you are being assessed in triage, for example you have had decreased fetal movement (not feeling the baby move enough) and are having a non-stress test, you will need to come on your own. You would be welcome to have your partner on speaker phone or video for any teaching or for support.


If you leave the hospital and then you need to bring your baby back to the hospital and they are admitted, they will be admitted to paediatrics not the Special Care Nursery. You can have 2 identified support people but not at the same time. You can swap support people after 12 hours but if they leave before 12 hours then other person still has to wait 12 hours before they can come up. The nurse will feed and care for your baby if no support person is there.

Special Care Nursery

2 support people can be there at the same time.